American Sausage Standoff

107 minutes 2019 5.4

The deceiver and dreamer Mike meets the sausage enthusiast Edward. Mike has just been released from prison with no plans for the future, and Edward has simply stalled. So when Mike hears about Edward's modest dream of opening a German sausage restaurant in Gutterbee to create peace and understanding in the world, he inspires Edward to pursue the dream. The two embark on the task with life and desire, and the American dream may come true.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Comedy
Actors: Antony Starr, Ewen Bremner, W. Earl Brown
Director: Ulrich Thomsen
Producer: Steve Bakken, Henrik Puggaard, Ulrich Thomsen
Script: Ulrich Thomsen
Country: Denmark
Language: English