93 minutes 2002 6.6

Nete ??makes independent decisions, both when it comes to his own life and the lives of others. As a social worker, married to a self-absorbed philosopher, mother of a cheeky teenage girl and daughter of a bitter widower, there is no shortage of everyday challenges. The biggest one still comes when her father finds out that he only has three weeks left to live. She decides that her father must spend his last days at her home.

Nete's decision is unfavorable for the whole family, but since the father certainly does not want to live longer than a couple of weeks, everyone tries to adapt as best they can. The days go by without the old joker seeming to get weaker, on the contrary, he gets both his appetite and the spark of life back. The frustration and excitement grows around the dinner table. Nete ??is torn between the relief of seeing his father alive, and the frustration that his life force is at the same time taking the life of the family.

The film is not playable outside of Norway