Heavy Load

91 minutes 2019 5.9

The brothers Emil and Magnus travel to Spain to pick up their deceased father. What Emil does not know is that Magnus is only there to get hold of his father's valuable Rolex watch due to financial challenges. When it turns out that the transport of the father will cost 70,000 kroner, Magnus persuades his brother to transport the body in a roof box on a small rental car. Soon they are on the run from the police, and the father's last journey shows that the brothers have several skeletons in the roof box.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Selvhenter
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Comedy
Actors: Magnus Millang, Emil Millang, Amalie LindegÄrd, Elisabeth Bonjour
Director: Magnus Millang
Producer: Elise Lund Larsen, Christian Potalivo
Script: Emil Millang, Magnus Millang
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish