Watership Down

88 minutes 1978 7.6

This film is a reflection of human society, embodied through a rabbit society. Although animated, it is not suitable for the youngest children.

Man's abuse of nature has led a group of wild rabbits to flee, and along the way they must face a number of challenges. Femmer, one of the colony's youngest members, and his brother Hassel try to convince their superiors that they must evacuate and flee, to no avail. Thus, the two brothers, plus a group of other rabbits, flee from their home to find a better place. Towards the goal, Watership, they begin to realize that the carefree and innocent world they once lived in is gone forever. Will they ever reach their new home in Watership?

Watership Down is an adventure of epic format that is loved around the world. The film is based on the novel that made Richard Adams world famous and which sold over five million copies in record time. When the BBC made a big vote in 2003 on the best books in world history, Watership Down (The Escape to Watership) was among the top 30.

The film is not playable outside of Norway