Saints and Soldiers 2 - Airborne Creed

94 minutes 2012 5.7

On August 15, 1944, an invasion of Provence in France was organized by the Americans to support and protect the Allies who marched to Berlin, after having already landed in Normandy on June 6, 1944. Three parachutists to be reunited with their fellow soldiers in the village of Les The Arcs enter Provence at night and help the local resistance movement liberate some of them, while organizing ambushes on a German weapons division.

Lives will be lost, hope will be shattered, love will be discovered and men will be changed… forever.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Action, drama
Actors: Corbin Allred, David Nibley, Jasen Wade, Virginie Fourtina Anderson, Lincoln Hoppe, Nichelle Aiden, Loic Anthian, Lance Otto, Rick Macy
Director: Ryan Little
Producer: Ryan Little, Adam Abel, Gil Aglaure
Photo: Ryan Little
Music: J Bateman
Script: Lamont Gray
Country: USA
Language: English