Return to Sender

95 minutes 2015 5.1

Nurse Miranda (Rosamund Pike) is brutally assaulted and raped in her own home by a mysterious man (Shiloh Fernandez). After the arrest, she starts writing to him, but the letters are returned unopened. Determined to confront him, Miranda begins to visit her assailant in prison and forges a friendly bond with him, which her father (Nick Nolte) dislikes. He can not understand his daughter's intentions and fears for her safety when the perpetrator is released, but perhaps he underestimated his daughter's ulterior motives.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Thriller
Skuespillere: Rosamund Pike, Shiloh Fernandez, Nick Nolte, Camryn Manheim
Regi: Fouad Mikati
Produsent: Candice Abela, Holly Wiersma
Manus: Patricia Beauchamp, Joe Gossett
Country: USA
Language: English