Black Butterfly

93 minutes 2017 6.1

Paul is a screenwriter and has not been able to write anything since his wife left him four years ago. He will have to sell his old farmhouse to get money, but it does not seem that anyone is interested in buying it. On his way to meet his real estate agent Laura at the local cafe, he cuts off a truck at a steep mountain pass and almost kills both drivers. The truck driver follows Paul to the cafe and wants to fight with him. Rover Jack overpowers the truck driver and rescues Paul. To pay Jack back for the help, Paul invites him to stay in his house, in exchange for him repairing the house.

Jack becomes more interested in Paul's life and suggests that they write a story based on his experiences together. But as soon as Paul tries to leave the house to meet Laura again, it turns out that Jack is far more devoted to the story than Paul is and refuses to let him go until it's over. To make sure Paul cooperates, Jack destroys his cell phone, steals the car keys and throws his liquor so he can write with a clearer head.

Jack's behavior becomes more aggressive and it is suggested that he is in fact the "Road Killer" that the local police have been looking for. When Laura comes on an unexpected visit to see Paul, Jack also takes her hostage. They manage to escape, but Laura's sprained ankle prevents them and they are quickly caught by Jack and held hostage again, but in separate rooms. With the help of a letter opener, Paul manages to escape, grabs Jack's rifle and confronts him with the truth.

The film is not playable outside of Norway