Den allvarsamma leken

99 minutes 1977 5.7

Lydia and Arvid meet for the first time in 1897. There is no relationship between them then, because Arvid does not dare to throw himself into it: He is in a bad financial situation and has nothing to offer her. Lydia's father dies, and she gets into financial difficulties. She marries an elderly rich man, and moves to an estate in the country, and has children. In 1902, Arvid marries the daughter of a wealthy builder. In 1907, Arvid and Lydia meet again. They start a love affair. Lydia leaves her husband and children, and moves to Stockholm. She becomes Arvid's mistress, and lives in the moments she has with him. She does not demand that Arvid be divorced, but Arvid is not the only man she has a relationship with.

The film is not playable outside of Norway