Alt for Norge

114 minutes 2021 7.5

23 June 1998: The streets in all Norwegian cities are empty. An entire nation holds its breath. On the grass in Marseille, Kjetil Rekdal puts the ball on the penalty mark. Brazil's goalkeeper Claudio Taffarel calmly jumps on the goal line and looks towards the Norwegian. Arne Scheie's voice is heard through the TV: "Now, Kjetil Rekdal. The most important kick on a football in the history of the Norwegian Football Association.." Just a decade earlier, Norwegian football was on the brink of bankruptcy. What was it that changed us?

Alt for Norge is the cinema film about Egil "Drillo" Olsen, his crew and the journey they took the Norwegian people on through the 90s. Drillos became symbols of a nation in great change. Through personal footage and largely new video archive, this film takes you inside the players' bus, the dressing room and inside the adventure you have only seen from the stands or in front of the TV.

The film is not playable outside of Norway