Villmarksbarna - En eventyrlig reise

82 minutes 2019 5.4

The Krempig family are wildernesses on their necks. Therefore, the children have also experienced more nature and seen more of the Norwegian fauna than most people. We follow the family's journey into northwestern Greenland. It is not clear what experiences the trip will offer. Greenland's wilderness and the Inuit hunting culture offer excitement, challenges and many new experiences.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Documentary
Genre: Documentary, nature
Director: Dag Rune Johansen
Producer: Hans Petter Sundal
Starring: Narve Krempig, Runa Krempig, Ida Krempig, Guro Krempig, Lars Krempig, Inger Krempig
Country: Norway
Language: Norwegian