Backstreet Girls - Tilbake til Muotathal

90 minutes 2015 8.3

Despite 30 years of constant adversity, Backstreet Girls has celebrated its 30th anniversary in the Norwegian music industry.

It is the dream of world domination and rock god status that keeps Bjørn Müller (54) and Petter Baarli (49) alive. Ridiculous and declared a genius through three hard decades, the two have formed the backbone of the band. Three decades marked by endless nachspiel and accommodation on random sofas. Together with drummer Martin (50) and bassist Dan (35), they have sacrificed everything on the rock altar and defied all notions of a normal life.

After a life on the shadow side of the Norwegian music industry, four rockers are still chasing the big breakthrough. After three decades in constant uphill, they embark on a journey towards the promised green valley Muothathal in Switzerland. The village where all 3000 inhabitants love Backstreet Girls and they are treated like rock gods.

Backstreet Girls is the story of a unique friendship where the desire to live a different life in harmony with the rock clichés overshadows everything else, and has thought them onto such an obscure side track that they live completely on the side of society.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Documentary
Genre: Documentary, musical
Director: Stian Andersen, Morten Kjølberg
Producer: Morten Kjølberg
Music: Backstreet Girls
Starring: Bjørn Müller, Petter Baarli, Dan Thunderbird, Martin H-Son
Country: Norway
Language: Norwegian