Long Flat Balls II

97 minutes 2008 5.2

We meet again the guys from Edgarasjen in this sequel. This time they have to attend the annual military exercise in the Home Guard, an exercise they have used to seek exemptions from. Once again, things are not going according to plan, and they are being picked up by the military police. The exercise turns out to be a gigantic NATO exercise where the guys get a completely different role than they are intended for. The crash of the world's largest nuclear submarine is in danger of leading to a major political crisis. And the six cellars are set to repair it.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Lange flate ballær II
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Drama, comedy, war
Actors: Jan Edgar Fjell, Petter Jørgensen, Anders Fast Fjell, Eirik Tobiassen, Kai Helge Hansen, Frode Lie, Don Johnson, Lisa Stökke
Director: Harald Zwart
Producer: Tom Gulbrandsen, Espen Horn, Harald Zwart
Script: Pål Sparre-Enger
Country: Norway
Language: Norwegian