There Is No Evil

151 minutes 2020 7.5

Last year's gold bear winner consists of four stories from today's Iran. Four very different stories that are reflected in one and the same theme: the death penalty. Or rather, the painful question one as an involuntary executioner in an authoritarian regime may encounter: Would you take someone's life to save your own?

With nerve-wracking drive and a surprisingly formal playfulness, Mohammad Rasoulof delivers a fist of a film. The director, who has been banned from working by the state, puts nothing in between in his critique of his home country's punishment methods and the fates that go with it. Rarely has anyone balanced the nuances between hope and hopelessness with such finesse. 

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Sheytan vojud nadarad
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Drama
Actors: Ehsan Mirhosseini, Keveh Ahangar, Mahtab Servati
Director: Mohammad Rasoulof
Producer: Kaveh Farnam, Farzad Pak, Mohammad Rasoulof
Script: Mohammad Rasoulof
Country: Iran
Language: Persian