JerryMaja's Detective Agency - The First Mystery

85 minutes 2018 5.8

How did it really go when Lasse and Maja first met? Follow the very first case of JerryMaja's detective agency - an exciting adventure that begins when the sisters Hammarabi's book is stolen from Vallebyskolen. The book carries a mysterious secret, and suddenly everyone at school is a suspect: the scary caretaker, the gym teacher in the tight suit, the strange librarian. Yes, even Rector Brynolfsson! But who exactly is the thief? And does JerryMaja's detective agency manage to solve its very first mystery?

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: LasseMajas detektivbyrå - Det första mysteriet
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Kids
Actors: Elvis Suhadolnik Bonesso, Josephine Bornebusch, Linus Carlsson
Director: Josephine Bornebusch
Photo: Mats Axby
Music: Ray Harman
Script: Henrik Engström, Mattias Grosin
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish