Latte & the Magic Waterstone

81 minutes 2019 5.6

The cheeky hedgehog girl Latte embarks on her most dangerous adventure to save the forest! She must take back the magical Water Stone from the claws of Bantur, the bear king!

Latte is not like any other hedgehog, that is, sweet and nutty! She is full of energy, confident and has far too lively imagination. Latte never falls short when it comes to quick answers and fantastic explanations. She loves to tell stories to anyone who wants - or does not want to - listen, where she happens to appear as the fearless heroine who always saves the day. Needless to say, who takes the job when the forest animal one day wakes up and discovers that the magic water stone has disappeared. This means that the forest will dry up, which in turn will lead to extinction.

Latte bravely and loudly announces that she wants to save the magic water stone from the bear king's claws. To her displeasure, the squirrel Tjum has been chosen to join. The annoying little squirrel may find that Latte has a bigger mouth than a courage. Both must soon overcome mutual disagreements and rather learn to work together as a team, now that the two different heroes are on their most challenging and dangerous adventure ever!

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Latte Igel und der magische Wasserstein
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Kids, animation
Director: Regina Welker, Nina Wels
Producer: Lilian Klages, Mark Mertens, Thomas G. Müller
Country: Germany
Language: Norwegian