The Queen's Corgi

85 minutes 2019 4.9

Since the corgi dog Rex arrived at Buckingham Palace, he has lived a life of luxury. As a crown dog and the queen's clear favorite, he has adopted a rather annoying and arrogant attitude. When one day he manages to get it right during a diplomatic dinner at the castle between the royal family in England and the President of the United States, there is a commotion.

After being tricked and let down by one of his own, Rex finds himself alone and homeless on the streets of London. Eventually he is placed in a nasty kennel for dogs that are certainly not of royal nobility! How could this happen!? Rex slowly but surely realizes that he needs to change his attitudes, and that his friends in the kennel are actually not that bad. Through new friendships and experiences, he starts his journey towards becoming a better dog, and to find his way home to the castle and his beloved queen again.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Kids, animation
Actors: Anders Bye, Victor Sotberg, Siri Nilsen, Magnus Nielsen
Director: Vincent Kesteloot, Ben Stassen
Producer: Caroline Van Iseghem
Script: Rob Sprackling, Johnny Smith
Country: Belgium
Language: Norwegian