The Lost Prince

102 minutes 2019 5.4

Everything in Djibi's life revolves around his seven-year-old daughter, Sofia. The single father never drops their beloved evening ritual: the goodnight story. Every night, her father Sofia takes her to «fairyland», a film studio in the imagination, where their incredible adventure comes to life with Djibi in the lead role as the heroic prince.

Five years later, as Sofia approaches adolescence, she begins to grow from her father's stories. Instead, she finds on her own, where Djibi no longer has the lead role. When his role in both the real world and the fantasy world changes, Djibi must try to find a way to remain in his daughter's life, imagination and stories.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Le prince oublié
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Kids, comedy
Actors: Omar Sy, Bérénice Bejo, François Damiens
Director: Michel Hazanavicius
Producer: Jonathan Blumenthal
Script: Noé Debré, Michel Hazanavicius
Country: France
Language: French