Pippi Longstocking on the Seven Seas

86 minutes 1970 6.8

Pippi has to save her dad. He has been captured by pirates. With her on the trip, she takes her best friends Tommy and Annika. They get a journey they will never forget. Miss Longstocking is at home in Villa Villakula when she is informed that her father has been captured by pirates. The young lady does not find herself in this. She packs a few belongings, brings her friends Tommy and Annika with her and embarks on a strenuous trip. With the help of a balloon, plane and boat, the three manage to reach the island where Pippi's dad is trapped.

This is how the tough story begins with Pippi Longstocking on the seven seas. Although she is strong and imaginative, there are many obstacles in the way before she can reach her father. A gang of pirates, a tall tower and a talkative parrot are some of the things she has to get away from.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Pippi Långstrump på de sju haven
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Kids
Actors: Inger Nilsson, Maria Persson, Pär Sundberg, Beppe Wolgers, Martin Ljung
Director: Olle Hellbom
Producer: Fred Ladd, Olle Nordemar
Script: Fred Ladd, Astrid Lindgren
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish