Monster Family

93 minutes 2017 4.8

The Wishbone family is not a happy family. The mother owns a bookstore on the verge of bankruptcy, and her father is completely worn out at work. Teenage daughter Fay fails all exams, and son Max is so intelligent that he is bullied. In a well-intentioned effort to strengthen the family's unity, they are planning a party night on the town. But it will be no ordinary night - it ends with an evil witch turning the whole family into monsters ...! Now the family must really learn cohesion so that they can break the evil curse.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Happy Family
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Kids, animation
Actors: Henrik Horge, Cathrine Bang Norum, Agnes Fasting, Jesper Leporanta, Preben Olram, Christin Borge, Unn Vibeke Hol, Jan Martin Johnsen
Author: David Safier
Director: Holger Tappe
Producer: Holger Tappe
Music: Hendrik Schwarzer
Script: David Safier, Catharina Junk
Country: United Kingdom, Germany
Language: Norwegian