My Skinny Sister

97 minutes 2015 6.7

Stella is on her way into the exciting youth. Her biggest role model is her big sister Katja, who runs figure skating and is absolutely perfect. Then Stella discovers that Katja has an eating disorder and hides it from everyone. Stella's whole world is turned upside down. Her greatest role model and closest friend is getting colder than the ice they skate on. Should Stella defy Katja's threats and tell her parents everything?

My Skinny Sister is a movie about sibling love - for better or worse. The film successfully depicts serious themes such as jealousy, love and betrayal with humor, depth and charm. What happens when little sister discovers that big sister suffers from eating disorders? The film is Sanna Lenken's debut film, and has received a number of awards at festivals around the world, including the audience award in Gothenburg and the Crystal Bear in Berlin.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Min lilla syster
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Drama
Actors: Amy Deasismont, Henrik Norlén, Rebecka Josephson
Director: Sanna Lenken
Producer: Annika Rogell
Script: Sanna Lenken
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish