Holy Mess

100 minutes 2015 5.5

27-year-old Simon and Oscar have been together for three years. Together with their good friend Cissi, they have bought a house in Bromma. The whole house is in great need of renovation, but there is one room that has been put as the first priority. The children's room. It is already finished as Cissi is 9 months on the way. But who is the father of the child? It can be either Oscar or Simon. Together the trio will create a family.

For almost a year, they have kept this a secret from their families, but now they can not wait any longer. The secret must come out. And what better time to tell the news than the day when all the families are gathered. Namely on Christmas Eve itself! The day when everyone should love each other and be kind to each other.

The film is not playable outside of Norway