El Bulli: Cooking in Progress

108 minutes 2011 6.3


"Kitchen's Salvadore Dalì" - meet food innovator and star chef Ferrán Adrià at the restaurant El Bulli.

Unrestrained creativity and legacy have made Ferrán Adrià a shining star in the deconstructed sky of avant-garde gastronomy. This is not a film about food, but about teamwork to create art. Four times El Bulli has been voted the best restaurant in the world. Halfway through the year, they are closing down to develop 35 new dishes for the next season. Never copy, Adrià says, not even herself.

The film is characterized by the fact that the team is really invited into the creation process. Of course, with Adrià himself as a charismatic centerpiece and undisputed boss. You will never eat 35 dishes at El Bulli - July 31, 2011 the restaurant was closed.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Documentary
Genre: Documentary
Director: Gereon Wetzel
Producer: Ingo Fliess
Script: Gereon Wetzel, Anna Ginesti Rosell
Starring: François Chartier, Ferran Adria, Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch, Mateu Casañas, Eugeni de Diego, Ailor Lozano, Toni Morago
Country: Germany
Language: Spanish