Copenhagen Does Not Exist

98 minutes 2022 5.9

Sander and Ida meet in Copenhagen and fall into an intense and all-consuming love. As a couple, they are invincible and don't need to be anything other than what they are together. The world outside must go on without them. Now Ida has disappeared, and her father Porath and brother Viktor demand answers. In an empty apartment in the middle of the city, they film and interrogate Sander, who tries to find meaning and give a version of the truth that satisfies everyone.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: København findes ikke
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Drama
Actors: Angela Bundalovic, Zlatko Buric, Vilmer Trier Brøgger, Christoffer Læssø
Director: Martin Skovbjerg
Producer: Eva Jacobsen, Mikkel Jersin, Katrin Pors
Script: Eskil Vogt
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish