Margrete: Queen of the North

120 minutes 2021 6.6

The year is 1402, and a woman stands as the head of a new Nordic kingdom. Margrete I has united Denmark, Norway and Sweden in a union, which she single-handedly rules through her adopted son, King Erik. The union is surrounded by enemies, and Margrete therefore plans a marriage between Erik and the English princess Philippa. An alliance with England would be able to strengthen the Kalmar Union and secure it against attack. But a conspiracy is underway, which puts Margrete in an impossible dilemma, which could cost her everything.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Margrete den Første
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Drama, history
Actors: Trine Dyrholm, Søren Malling, Morten Hee Andersen, Jakob Oftebro
Director: Charlotte Sieling
Producer: Birgitte Skov, Lars Bredo Rahbek
Music: Jon Ekstrand
Script: Jesper Fink, Maya Ilsøe, Charlotte Sieling
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish