Station to station

78 minutes 2015 6.3


During a nearly 4,000-miles train ride from New York to San Fransisco, director Doug Aitken, with colorful creativity, filmed 62 short films of one minute consisting of unique and diverse art expressions. You will meet  artist Beck, Thurston Moore, Patti Smith, Giorgio Moroder and Cat Power among others.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Documentary
Genre: Documentary, musical
Director: Doug Aitken
Producer: Doug Aitken, Chris Totushek, Alex Waite
Photo: Doug Aitken, Corey Walter
Starring: Beck, Jackson Browne, Ólafur Eliasson, Ariel Pink, Thurston Moore, Patti Smith, Giorgio Moroder, Cat Power.
Country: USA
Language: English