Cool and Crazy

104 minutes 2001 6.9

Facing the ferocious Barent Sea - practically with an uninterrupted view to the North Pole - lies the small fishing village of Berlevåg. This is the place made world famous by Isak Dinesen as the setting for her novelletta Babette's Feast. Now Berlevåg is making a second bid for international fame - through the 30-odd members of its very exotic and colourful male choir! 

With Cool and Crazy one of Norway's most experienced and renowned feature film directors is bringing to the screen a world he knows and loves. And he does it in the spirit of the people he portrays, with irreverence and wit and highly charged. For some this will be a film about men. For others it will be about love. Or politics. Or fish. Above all it is about the dignity of ordinary lives lived under wxtreme circumstances. For those that loved Buena Vista Social Club - this is the answer.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Heftig og begeistret
Category: Documentary
Genre: Documentary, musical
Director: Knut Erik Jensen
Producer: Jan-Erik Gammleng, Tom Remlov
Starring: Odd Marino Frantzen, Einar F.L. Strand, Arne Wensel, Kare Wensel, Arne Blomso
Country: Norway
Language: Norwegian