Bert's Diary

88 minutes 2020 5.7

It is the first school day at the junior high school for Bert Ljung and his friends, Åke and Lill-Erik. At school, Yoghurt-Leila is the big star. She is in ninth grade, is an advertising model, cool and just about everyone admires her. As soon as Bert sees Leila, he falls flat on his face. But how is he going to make her notice him who is only in seventh grade?! Soon a lively story begins through an embarrassing theme day, raw food buns, an unforeseen toilet visit and not least - two secret diaries.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Berts dagbok
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Kids, comedy
Actors: Hugo Krajcik, Julia Pirzadeh, Frank Dorsin, Yussra El Abdouni
Director: Michael Lindgren
Producer: Rebecka Lafrenz
Script: Tapio Leopold
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish