Red Dog: True Blue

89 minutes 2016 6.4


The year is 1968, and 11-year-old Mick moves out to the grandfather's farm in the Australian countryside after losing his father.

During a storm, Mick rescues a puppy from drowning, and the two become inseparable friends. When Mick's grandfather decides that Mick should attend boarding school, he escapes with his new best friend. And at the same time, a forest fire is approaching.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Drama, comedy
Actors: Levi Miller, Bryan Brown, Hanna Mangan Lawrence, Jason Isaacs
Director: Kriv Stenders
Producer: Bryce Menzies, Nelson Woss
Photo: Geoffrey Hall
Music: Cezary Skubiszewski
Script: Daniel Taplitz
Country: Australia
Language: English