89 minutes 2019 8.0

Honeyland portrays a reality so far from our own that it's hard to believe it’s part of our continent.

In this amazing documentary, we meet Hatidze, a single middle-aged woman who lives with her blind mother in a small cabin in the Macedonian countryside, and lives off collecting and selling honey. When the camera follows Hatidze on a heartbreaking trek along steep mountain cliffs and into large swarms of bees - without protection or a hint of fear - there is both cinematic suspense and documentarism on a higher level.

Hatidze's working methods are based on ancient knowledge and craftsmanship, and an inherited understanding of the importance of ecological balance. However, when her new neighbor Hussein decides to start beekeeping, it's in a much more capitalistic spirit - and with disastrous results.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Documentary
Genre: Documentary, nature
Country: Macedonia
Language: Macedonian