I am not a witch

93 minutes 2017 6.9

9-year-old Shula is accused of witchcraft and has to choose between turning into a goat or being sent to a witch camp. She chooses the last option. 

BIFF writes in their film presentation:

In I AM NOT A WITCH, Rungano Nyoni takes us to an Africa where the notion of witches is still alive and well - even though the motives for accusing someone of being a witch often lend themselves to worldly and practical considerations. The protagonist is the nine years old and almost mute Shula, who, after a misunderstanding with an anxious neighbor, is accused of engaging in black magic, and is sent away to live in a detention camp with other witches. Here she is set to do physical work, while Western tourists come to look at her as if she were an animal in a zoo.

Although the film is a satire of the social structures that keep alive this peculiar combination of superstition and woman oppression, Nyoni evokes a seductive magical-realistic world where ancient discriminatory customs exist side by side with discriminatory modern phenomena.

I AM NOT A WITCH is a complex, beautiful and surprising portrayal of modern Zambia, and a feature film debut that bids for a talent that will be interesting to follow in the years to come.



The film is not playable outside of Norway