Karsten and Petra on safari

83 minutes 2015 6.4

In Karsten and Petra on safari, the two best friends travel to Africa with Petra's mum, grandfather and the faithful companions Miss Rabbit and the Lion King.

Petra's mum is going to help her friend Ann, who is also a veterinarian, at Camp Eden Zoo. There, Karsten and Petra meet five-year-old Tiri and her toy animal Turte, and they immediately become good friends. Tiri takes her new friends on safari and on the trip they find Leo, a baby lion who has lost his mother. Together with Grandpa, Karsten and Petra go on a quest to find the lion's mother, but instead find a lion trap.

Karsten and Petra on Safari is an exciting and playful film based on Tor Åge Bringsværd's popular books about the two 5-year-olds and their lively and ingenious toy animals Miss Rabbit and the lion cub.

The film is not playable outside of Norway