Goodbye Bafana

118 minutes 2007 7.1

Who frees whom? In 1968, Nelson Mandela is imprisoned on the infamous Robben Island. 25 million black South Africans are held down by four million whites in a brutal apartheid system. South Africa's state-run racism is met with contempt in the world community, but there is no softening in sight. Mandela, leader of the ANC's armed wing, still has a major influence on the freedom struggle. Therefore, the white rulers want "a window into his soul". They hire James Gregory as a prison guard.

He speaks Xhosa, and is therefore the ideal spy within the walls. But racist Gregory's contempt for blacks diminishes as he is influenced by Mandela's personality and belief in the peaceful coexistence of blacks and whites in a future South Africa. The story of this country's march from dictatorship to democracy raises the question of who is free: the oppressor or the oppressed?

The film is not playable outside of Norway