Le chene et ses habitants

80 minutes 2022 7.5

If you love nature and documentaries, this is the perfect film for you. It  is the story of a 210 year-old oak-tree that has become the centre of the kingdom and the forest where it is located. 

This spectacular film has a very unusual cast: a squirrel, nut weevils, goshawk, ant, meadow mice...A small, living, buzzing and wonderful universe, where the oak-tree from its' roots to the treecrown provides food, shelter and protection. You will be astounded by the interaction between the animals in this little micro-community that exist in the tree.

It is a good film to watch together with children, just lean in and enjoy the gorgeous scenery and the catchy music. You are in for a beautiful cinematic experience!

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Documentary
Genre: Documentary
Director: Laurent Charbonnier, Michel Seydoux
Producer: Barthelemy Fougea, Michel Seydoux
Photo: Mathieu Giombini
Music: Cyrille Aufort
Script: Laurent Charbonnier
Country: France
Language: -