Little Girl

88 minutes 2020 7.6

Sasha is a little girl who was born as a boy in a small town in France and who lives with her mother, father and siblings. "When I grow up, I'll be a girl," Sasha says to her parents, only 3 years old. When she is 4 years old, she is told by her mother that it is impossible - an answer that makes her whole world collapse.

When Sasha is 7 years old, her parents have realized that this was not just a phase. "Sasha feels like, no, she IS a girl" states her mother. Sasha knows that she is a little girl, and the parents do their utmost to make society accept her for who she is, but the understanding and acceptance from the school, the dance school and the parents of the other children is lacking. All Sasha wants is to experience the same pleasures as all other children her age; to be able to dress in clothes that she herself feels good in, to be able to invite friends home with her, and to be seen and appreciated for who she is by the world around her.

After receiving support and assistance from experts in Paris, things look brighter, and Sasha and her parents' hard fight seems to have an effect - it is possible for a society, which is still so determined that biology should dictate how children become treated, to realize that things are not quite so simple?

Little Girl highlights a very current and important topic that creates strong engagement, and contributes to the debate with a perspective that in many ways has been lacking and which is absolutely crucial to be able to think something about how we as a society should relate to gender dysphoria; namely how this is experienced for the child itself.

A touching and beautiful portrait of a little girl with enormous courage, and a family's unreserved love for her child.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Petite fille
Category: Documentary
Genre: Documentary
Director: S├ębastien Lifshitz
Country: France
Language: French