Wine Calling

95 minutes 2018 6.5

Rock'n'roll was created by rebels. So was naturally produced wine.

Recently, the wine world has blossomed into life by a counterculture as strong as rock was in its time. Even though there are over 3,000 wineries in France, less than 3% of them use organic, biodynamic and natural methods in wine production.

In the heart of Catalonia in the south of France, Wine Calling has followed a growing global movement for taste and sustainability - the most exciting new winemakers and the process from harvesting to bottling.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Documentary
Genre: Documentary
Director: Bruno Sauvard
Starring: Loïc Roure, Jean-François Nicq, Laurence Manya Krief, Jean-Sébatien Gioan
Country: France
Language: French