You're Out of Your Mind, Maggie

104 minutes 1979 6.5

Marikken, a seven-year-old with a big heart, lives on Junibakken in Sweden. If there is one thing Marikken cannot stand, it is injustice and bad people. Then she says no. The film deals with subtle and hot adventures. We follow in Marikken's footsteps when she, with the seven-year-old's big heart, tries to help everyone who has been unlucky.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Kids
Skuespillere: Jonna Liljendahl, Liv Alsterlund, Monica Nordquist, Björn Granath, Lis Nilheim, Birgitta Andersson, Allan Edwall
Forfatter: Astrid Lindgren
Regi: Göran Graffman
Produsent: Olle Hellbom, Olle Nordemar
Manus: Astrid Lindgren
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish