White Fang

85 minutes 2018 6.9

White Fang is an adventurous story that explores the relationship between humans, nature and the animal kingdom.

Set to the year 1890 during the gold rush in Klondike, we meet Hvittann, a wolf dog who experiences both the best and worst of humanity. After being injured and abandoned after a dogfight, we get to see his life unfold from a small puppy in the open with his mother, and the journey that will eventually lead him to the illegal dogfighting arenas in Fort Yukon. While recovering from his injuries, Hvittann develops a friendship with two people who treat him with kindness and respect.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Croc-Blanc
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Adventure, kids, animation
Actors: Jon Øigarden, Dennis Storhøi, Stig Henrik Hoff, Lise Karlsnes, Ivar Nørve, Jan Grønli
Author: Jack London
Director: Alexandre Espigares
Producer: Philippe Lioret, Serge Frydman, Dominique Monfery
Country: France, USA
Language: Norwegian