As Needed

92 minutes 2018 6.5

In the film, we meet middle-aged Arturo. He is one of Tuscany's and Italy's most renowned chefs, but is also known for his explosive temperament. We meet him as he is being released from prison after serving a violent sentence. By the supervisor, he is put in contact with the psychologist Anna, where he will be rehabilitated back to society. His task at the institution Anna runs is to teach her clients about food culture and culinary arts. Something that is part of her activity plans. Arturo is determined to return to his old arts immediately, so the job at the institution will be a challenge for him.

He seeks out his old mentor and boss, Celso, who is Tuscany's 'Chef de la Chef'. Here begins his journey back, slowly but surely. At the institution, Arturo discovers a genius, Guido, among his new students. He is severely affected by Asberger's Syndrome. A new direction is beginning to take shape in Arturo's life. In the meantime, he faces challenges that mean he has to make his most important decisions in many, many years.

The film is not playable outside of Norway