My Extraordinary Summer with Tess

84 minutes 2019 7.3

Ten-year-old Sam and his family are on an island vacation, but his brother breaks his leg on the first day there. Strange for his brother, but it means that Sam has to find someone else to play with, and meets Tess. She is a very special girl with an ingenious plan to get to know her biological father. She has only one week left, and is recruiting Sam as her helper.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Kids
Skuespillere: Jennifer Hoffman, Tjebbo Gerritsma, Hans Dagelet, Guido Pollemans, Julian Ras
Regi: Steven Wouterlood
Produsent: Joram Willink, Piet-Harm Sterk
Produksjonsselskap: BIND
Foto: Sal Kroonenberg
Musikk: Franziska Henke
Manus: Anna Woltz, Laura van Dijk
Country: Netherlands
Language: Norwegian