Yakari, a Spectacular Journey

82 minutes 2020 6.3

In  Yakari, a Spectacular Journey, we get to meet all his friends - his girl friend Rainbow, his friend Little Badger, the horse Little Thunder, the beaver Doubletooth and Yakari's totem Great Eagle.

The adventure begins with Yakari going in search of Lille Torden, a record-breaking and wild mustang horse that everyone says is impossible to catch. During the difficult hunt through the fantastic landscapes, Yakari gets lost, but he is helped by the Great Eagle, who gives him the ability to speak with animals. Join Yakari on new adventures.

Yakari, the little Sioux boy who can talk to animals, saw the light of day in 1969 and was created by the Swiss André Jobin (script) and Claude de Ribaupierre (drawings). The series was an immediate success, and the series albums (translated into 17 languages, including Norwegian) are among the best sellers in the French-Belgian series universe.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Yakari
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Animation, kids
Director: Xavier Giacometti, Toby Genkel
Producer: Caroline Duvochel, Maia Tubiana
Script: Xavier Giacometti, André Jobin, Claude Ribeaupierre
Country: Belgium
Language: Norwegian