Barkers: Mind the Cats!

77 minutes 2020 6.2

The Barkers family goes on a summer holiday to a cabin by the sea. The little puppy boy Småen is really looking forward to spending the holidays playing with all his big siblings! But when they arrive, it will not be quite as he envisioned. It turns out that his five siblings have many other things they would rather do than play with little brother. Although they have promised to play with him! Fortunately, the little one does not have to be alone for very long. Near the cabin there is a couple of kittens he can play with. Then everything will work out! Or?

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Kids
Director: Elena Galdobina
Producer: Aleksandr Boyarskiy, Sergey Selyanov
Script: Aleksandr Boyarskiy, Alexandra Shokha
Country: Russia
Language: Norwegian