Anne & Alet - Giftmorderne fra Arendal

74 minutes 2013 9.1

In the 1760s, the sisters Anne & Alet killed several old ladies with poison gunpowder. They were eventually captured and executed by beheading in 1771.

The documentary has delved deeper into court records, myths and other written sources to find out what really happened almost 250 years ago. Through reconstructions, interviews and illustrations, the film is told with Helge Jordal as the narrator's voice.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Anne og Alet
Category: Documentary
Genre: Documentary
Actors: Cecilie F. Johnsen, Rikke Lydersen, Anne Windsland, Helge Jordal
Director: Stephan A. Hergel
Producer: Stephan A. Hergel, Vegard Landsverk
Photo: Vegard Landsverk
Music: Mark Rayen Candasamy
Country: Norway
Language: Norwegian