Maria Lang: Mord på kirkegården

93 minutes 2013 6.4

Standalone movie based on Maria Lang's crime books about Inspector Puck, Einar Bure and Police Inspector Wijk, and their quest to capture the killer. The killer is always "one of us" and the plots are crimes stemming from passion.

At the parsonage, the Christmas table stands ready for the pastor and his guests Puck (Tuva Novotny) and Einar Bure (Linus Wahlgren). Then it knocks on the door, and the blonde sex bomb Barbara cries crying that her husband is gone. When he is found killed, Police Inspector Christer Wijk (Ola Rapace) is called. The gossip is starting to go in the small village - but who is talking and who is lying to hide his crime?

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Maria Lang: Tragedi på en lantkyrkogård
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Crime, thriller
Actors: Tuva Novotny, Ola Rapace, Katia Winter, Linus Wahlgren, Reuben Sallmander, Natalie Minnevik, Sissela Kyle, Sofia Bach
Author: Maria Lang
Director: Christian Eklöw, Christopher Panov
Script: Alex Haridi
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish