The Mother the Son The Rat and The Gun

115 minutes 2021 4.9

A family is trapped in the middle, and while some try to create unity, others try to split it. A hitman kills gangster boss Oleg. Gertrude, his wife, takes over the chair. The challenges escalate: the family is betrayed, the murder remains unsolved, and someone places a microphone in Gertrud's office. Together with his son, Gertrude puts together a group to solve the problems. But secrets bubble to the surface and threaten to shatter the family completely. A confrontation is inevitable.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Crime, thriller
Actors: Chabris Napier-Lawrence, Mark Fletcher, Oliver Devoti
Director: Philip Staal
Producer: Arnar Kristjánsson, Philip Staal, Genevieve Sulway, Celina Øier
Script: Patrick Kleven, Philip Staal
Country: Denmark, Iceland, United Kingdom
Language: English