My Sister's Keeper

109 minutes 2009 7.3

Cameron Diaz and Jason Patric play the parents who decide to have a new child, who can save their now living daughter from blood cancer and a premature death.

A big and important question is at the heart of this gripping story: How far are you as parents willing to go to save a child's life? Brian and Marge Fitzgerald have faced this question many times. At the age of just two, your daughter Kate was diagnosed with leukemia. She was not supposed to survive, but against all odds, Kate is still alive when she turns 16. That this is possible, the family can thank Kate's younger sister Anna for, who has been the perfect medical donor.

But at the age of 13, Anna decides on something that immediately turns the family's life upside down. She will no longer be her sister's donor. At the very least, she will have the right to decide for herself. She goes against her parents to gain control of her own body, while being painfully aware that this could lead to her sister's death.

The film is not playable outside of Norway