Gone with the Woman

87 minutes 2007 6.6

Gone with the Woman is the filmization of Erlend Loe's debut novel about a young man's hesitant step into the potential disaster area love is, about women's monologue dialogues and the modern man's right to decide where the dresser should stand.

After being invaded, seduced and conquered, our man realizes that he must have gotten his girlfriend. There is no other good explanation for why suddenly a talkative young woman lives in his apartment. Soon, she rages through his existence with boundless enthusiasm and refurnishes to her own liking as he runs after and tries to get a say in it. Still unsure whether he really understands anything particularly about love or women, he decides to make an effort to understand them both. Our man realizes that if their relationship is to have room for him as well, he must fight for every inch. But it is not only easy to object when you never speak up.

The film is not playable outside of Norway