In China They Eat Dogs

91 minutes 1999 7.3

Chefs, bullets, the pearl gate and dyslexia ..... Shit happens.

The banker Arvid (Dejan Cukic) is according to his girlfriend (Trine Dyrholm) the most boring man in the world. When he averted an armed robbery in the bank, he becomes the hero of the day. He proudly takes flowers home with him, but his girlfriend has traveled with all the furniture in the meantime and now things are starting to get serious.

Out of nothing, the bank robber's angry girlfriend Astrid (Line Kruse) shows up to yell at Arvid, she convinces Arvid that she needed the money. In a desperate attempt to make everything right again, he gets the idea of ??robbing a money transport and therefore seeks out his criminal brother Harald (Kim Bodnia), whom he has not seen in nine years.

Harald, who has recently won a restaurant in games, immediately makes a simple plan, and together with the chefs: Martin and Peter (Nikolaj Lie Kaas and Thomas Villum Jensen) and the dishwasher Vuk (Brian Patterson) the action is set in motion. Everything does not go exactly as planned and Arvid becomes, as the events take off, more and more life-threatening to travel with, but Harald stands by his brother's side and the chefs, well - they just do what Harald says.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: I Kina spiser de hunde
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Action, comedy, crime
Actors: Kim Bodnia, Dejan Cukic, Nikolaj Kaas, Tomas Jensen
Director: Lasse Olsen
Producer: Michael Brask, Steen Herdel
Script: Anders Jensen
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish