The Swearing Jar

110 minutes 2022 6.2

"The Swearing Jar" is Carey's story. She is a high school music teacher who wants to arrange a birthday concert for her husband Simon. She is also expecting a child. During the preparations for the concert Carey meets Owen, and they are drawn to each other. She feels guilty, but also curious, and she gives him her phonenumber. Instantly Carey's life changes. While Carey and Owen get to know each other better and are deeper involved, Carey feels as if she is emotionally betraying her husband. At the same time a lie is clouding her relationship with Simon, and the two relationships starts to collide in unexpected ways.

Through music and equal parts humour and heartbreak, "The Swearing Jar" contains two lovestories at once, meanwhile exploring the challenges marriage, parenthood, loss and the act of moving on.  

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Drama, musical, romance
Actors: Adelaide Clemens, Patrick J. Adams, Kathleen Turner
Director: Lindsay MacKay
Script: Kate Hewlett
Country: Canada
Language: English