128 minutes 2022 6.7

A retired soldier, and also an Alzheimer's patient, embarks on a crusade to take revenge on those who killed his family decades earlier. On his five fingers he has as many names tattooed, and he has as many to tick off. He meets a young man who accompanies him on his journey of revenge, and this causes the mission to take an unexpected direction.

Remember is a South Korean thriller about old age and the strong need to make it happen.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Action, drama, thriller
Actors: Lee Sung-min, Nam Joo-hyuk, Park Geun-hyung, Jeong Man-sik, Yoon Je-moon, Song Young-chang, Moon Chang-gil, Choi Min-chul, Nam Moon-chul, Yang Hyun-min
Director: Lee Il-hyung
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean