The Exploits of Moominpappa

72 minutes 2021 5.9

The Moomintroll is at home sick in his bed. Then it's good to have a dad who can keep you company with the most incredible adventures. Finally Moomin finds out about Moomminpapa's exciting life!

We get to join the story all the way from Moomminpapa was just a little Moomminchild who lived in an orphanage. We get to see how he first got to know the Snusmumriken, Hufsa, Mummimamma and many other famous characters. Moomminpapa takes us to the most incredible places, to lands far away and to the bottom of the sea. Join the adventure!

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Muumipapan urotyöt - erään nuoren muumin seikkailut
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Animation, kids
Director: Ira Carpelan
Producer: Ira Carpelan
Music: Andrea Eklund
Script: Ira Carpelan, Piotr Szczepanowicz, Malgorzata Wieckowicz-Zyla
Country: Finland, Poland
Language: Norwegian